Enigma Machine

I am the Human Interface

Enigma Machine is the musical project of Max Modeen.


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Contact: maxmodeen@gmail.com

Boise, ID

Feel free to reach out to me with booking requests or just talk to me about synths

2018 will be an exciting year for Enigma Machine. I have been creating music under this name since 2012. But this year is the year I take my songs out of my house and play them for all of you! This web site is part of a greater effort to spread my music and art to the world. I've recently experienced a lot of big changes in my life and moved to Boise Idaho. Hopefully I'll have my studio put back together and finish a release soon. If anyone books in the Pacific Northwest please contact me! A veteran of live performance; my live show involves projection of live visual synthesis.

As someone fascinated by synthesizers and music production tecniques in general this plays a role in my art and will most likely feature greatly on this website. Juno-60 is probably my favorite synth but I'm also a big fan of Moog, the DX-7 and Elektron Products. I've recently aquired a Nord Lead 2x that serves as my main performance synth. I also restored a Yamaha SY-77 excited to explore more FM possibilties and have that Hi-Fi 90s sound at my disposal.